I was never able to say everything I wanted to. I’ve always done what you’ve told me to. And I’ve never enjoyed any of it. But that’s because I was weak. I’ve just kept running away from facing you, Mom and Dad, because I’d given up before I even tried. That’s why I don’t want to run away anymore!

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That special bond we have that goes way deeper than the ocean.

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Makoto and Haru as Best Parents of Year 2014

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I am Earl Phantomhive... I am me, and I am...
Title : 染まるよ

Artist : チャットモンチー

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染まるよ by チャットモンチー
It stained by Chatmonchy 
[solanin songbook] 



I felt the urge to wander through the unfamiliar streets at night
But once I’m under a fluorescent light, I feel like I’m trying too hard

I’m an adult so I felt like smoking a cigarette at least once
But once I’m under the moonlight, I feel like I’m doing something wrong

The cigarettes you love
The cigarettes you love more than me

I wanted to always be with you
I wanted to know you, be your everything
Puff puff puff puff
Smoke gets in your eyes, they’ll be painfully dyed black

The cigarette’s not lit anymore, what’s the use?
The magic’s fading away
You’re mixed up in the smoke, the aftertaste is horrible

My pure white breath stops
The pure black night and I

If only I could always be with you
Have you changed on me? Were you serious?
Puff puff puff puff
Even if smoke gets in your eyes, the dark night will give way to light

The words you said to me
Were right and that will never change
But I don’t need them anymore

You were always the only one for me
Don’t hate me, don’t forget about me
Puff puff puff puff

The smoke will become a cloud, dyed in the colors of the sunrise 

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Characters: Free!
"So I’m not a BL character after all!"

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